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My blood DK trumpet, advantage must be able to brush off single, The disadvantage that many people Qiangguai the no appropriate skills. A withered 30 seconds CD lasted only 10 seconds, although very effective. This the 2000w + the rare elite in which to refresh presumably know. Said general laws. First they refresh time is to turn over, just 5.2 kill circle go back to that brush, is now killing circle come back that we have to wait 20 minutes. Generally about 40 minutes to 1 hour refresh refresh or not a good judge, a dragon, two scouts, Warbringer. The general case is 1 If you go to only see Warbringer body, then this group of strange estimates are killed, again first refresh generally Long, and two scouts. But should Warbringer corpse disappeared. If you go to see a living dragon, then general to refresh two scouts, scout may refresh in a distant place you look not see, such as the Qassam scouts are not on the island at the shore. Kunle might go wandering the Kunle mountain on the west side of the map, the fear in the refresh Warbringer hillside also above.
In short, if a dragon, did not saw the bodies of the Scout, wait, must refresh two scouts, then refresh Warbringer. You see alive scouts did not see Warbringer are two possibilities, either Scout nobody to fight, either refresh Warbringer immediately. General Hearthstone the Jin Xiugu go out to go to Kunle - Jade. Then kick down Hearthstone go Qassam - fear - Mantis route. The Warbringer each location to refresh what color is the random, a total of three, the the appearance directly judgment is blue, green, gray. Each color is fixed horse fall that color. I probably brush this two-day to a 40, and met with a total of five mounts are in compliance with this rule. wowhead also said so. So for example, I end up less green, generally see the the others squatting discuss a win-win. Of course, also have kept aoe see who grab, then match wits. The view of the north and south is too far away, it is recommended that the team ranks best two blood DK, so you can take into account the two points north and south of the three points.
Engineering wormhole is a very good thing, may be able to help solve the moving time, but be aware that your furnace slag is best to cool down is finished and then casually use the wormhole. Seems wild world boss drop blue copy of a really received fixed ...... add a single brush techniques, blood DK Needless to say, the magic shield top fear face, although sometimes the CD is not enough But even hard to eat nothing. A good mood as carrying the fight ghosts, on when stacked revenge. Focus under anti-riding my anti-riding is not rapid flow, feeling very pit. Anti-riding is also a single brush, key skills Sacred Shield, Glyph of Divine Protection, DK different anti-riding injury swiss replica rolex is hard to eat fear, the after several knives and fear. Pitch a ghost fear to act decisively open invincible. Ghost shadow damage is physical attacks, 10w about. Hanging insight into the fight, a frenzy with the wings back to the blood dps can barely see. Single brush no ghost, a meteor is no need to move, I often see people out of the meteor first run around in this was easy. Meteor, beetles thunder that the aoe is white to the skills, the only ghosts and fear trouble. To sanction anti-riding the ghost of the first time cut six seconds and then moves to 20 yards, after rolex replica watches for women the peace of mind output, the ghosts will not hit you.
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