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Women the world over describe childbirth as a transformative and profound experience that can alter the course of their lives.
But just as it can have a dramatic effect on the psyche, so too can it have on the body.Significant weight fluctuation, changes to the shape of the body as well as loosening of the skin around the midsection and buttocks can stubbornly challenging even for women who are determined to reclaim their figures.
Plastic surgery is now so common that a wide array of surgeons offer their services to women looking to recover their figures following birth. For those in Ontario wondering where to get a mommy makeover toronto is the place to begin the search for the most experienced plastic surgeons. cheap rolex daytona
Experienced surgeons can create a dramatic aesthetic change to a woman's body in a single surgery. By reversing some of the changes to their physiques that childbirth hastened, surgery can renew a mother's confidence in her appearance. Some patients report that through such a procedure they are better able to concentrate on parenting because they are not preoccupied with their appearance. The mommy makeover typically consists of a breast procedure, such as breast lift, and an abdominal procedure, such as tummy tuck and/or liposuction.
The procedure became popular beginning in the early 1990s when the nude image of pregnant actress Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair initiated public discussion about how pregnancy can alter the body. In the decades since that publication, many celebrities have used pregnancy and motherhood to bolster their careers. It was soon common to see pregnant actresses such as Kate Hudson showing their bellies in public. Model Kate Moss was often seen exposing her stomach just before her daughter was born. By the time Britney Spears was having her first son, female actresses and performers could reasonably expect to become more popular by looking stylish while pregnant.
Of course, pressure to regain the figures that had helped make them famous followed. Luckily, plastic surgery techniques were advancing at the same time. Britney Spears, whose second pregnancy closely followed her first, is rumored to have relied on the help of surgeons to help get her physique in shape for an upcoming tour. She is one among many celebrities who are thought to have used this approach.
It follows that other career women would want to enjoy similar benefits. As a result mommy makeover toronto is increasingly popular.
Author Bio: The Plastic Surgery Clinic rolex copies is a facility specializing in body sculpting techniques including liposuction.