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Wooden blocks are those that cause the child to discover, new concepts, feelings, skills, and knowledge, who acquires from such games. Educational games are, for example, socket sets, drag games, puzzles, collections, lottery, there are a myriad of educational games, among others. There are so-called replica patek philippe twenty 4 watch wits, intellectual games that allow the child to develop his or her intellectual potential. Its benefits are infinite. At present the teachers tend to reach wooden blocks to solve additional tasks, a consequence of social, economic and pedagogical influence the student in higher education, have faith in methods and in particular active learning games, creative play, games and professional other types that help improve the organization of the teaching buy rolex datejust royal black process, enhance the independent work of students and solve problem situations in practical activity. The importance of the approach to teaching activities problem is that the same process in solution involves self-reporting and organization of all industrial relations solely on the basis of these tasks, so they cease to be formal. By purchasing wooden blocks, parents can help their kids become smarter since early stages. They can fully influence the content under study. The class as a basic form of organization of education must respond to the demands posed by the modern school, so that the objectives cannot be achieved by extending the time devoted to teaching- but mainly through increased school work, where the student to a lange sohne datograph replicas develop integrally starring in a real active role in class. One way to achieve this is to use methods to launch a creative process and encourage teaching in which students will solve problems. For instance, wooden blocks can help organize ideas, etc., thereby giving rise to a deep and enjoyable learning. The methods have different classification. fake kelbert bowling watch Depending on the nature of cognitive activity can be classified into: -
Methods to stimulate reproductive activity. concord fake watches -
Methods that promote productive activities (teaching problem) -
Exposure problem. -
Partial search heuristics. -
sell watches Investigative. -
Games: creative, educational and professional. Wooden blocks have been around for decades. They still provide new ways to explore the reality and different strategies to operate on it. It promotes a space for spontaneous, in a world where most things are regulated. The games allow the group (students) to discover new facets of their imagination, think of many alternatives for a problem, develop different forms and styles of thought, and promote behavior change that enriches and diversifies in the exchange group.