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>Measure of the year is the spring home improvement season is now officially entered, to being owners prepare procurement of bulk building materials, but found some home building materials market has already "up" cries. It is understood that in March, a lot of building materials brands the brewing price has even price, or between 5% -10%. Building materials, generally rose 5% -10% of the main wood products
The prices involving wooden doors, floors, cabinets, bathroom, furniture and other home building materials brand, for example, a brand wooden doors after the Spring Festival price of 1380 yuan, after the price adjustment of $ 14.6, or 5.7%; 1.5 meters a famous brand bed of solid wood furniture, the sales price is now $ 3,200, while the second half of the year may rise to 3,500 yuan, or 9.3%. According to insiders explained mainly by the logistics causes of replica rolex increases in the cost of raw materials.
The reason: artificial building materials prices rose 3% into the main cause of The home building materials rose behind a large area hidden hide many reasons. Industry insiders think that caused a lot of factors for the home building materials market prices, of which the first is the production cost of progress; such as coal, oil, energy and bamboo wood, metal, PVC and other raw materials prices continue to rise, causing domestic prices as a whole the progress of the rising prices of raw materials so that businesses have to move the capital.
The overall price rise in the domestic situation forced the workers wages increase, the first volume, according to a senior brand windows and doors in concert: "labor replica rolex boxes costs after the Spring Festival, or 3%, and the doors and windows product prices is the most important piece followed by logistics expense Furthermore factories this year to enter the period of recruitment difficulties, labor expense capital greatly improved, now although not prices, but prices have been inevitable! "
Quasi-decoration owners choose in advance make up Feel the pressure prices brought about not only a business, "last month to buy a bed, was 2980 yuan, hesitated for a long time did not buy this month to see already is 3035 yuan, regret death of us!" Is being renovated Ms. Wang has obviously felt the prices menacing. Mr. Choi has been ahead compared to the same is being renovated into action: "Although the house in the second half to cross, but we have the building materials are booked up!" It is understood that many owners have taken way made up in advance to avoid prices brought about by economic pressure.