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Grades One of the most popular species of wood siding is Western Red Cedar because it has dimensional stability, holds finishes extremely well and is naturally durable. Western Red Cedar grades can be generally categorized into clear grades and knotty grades. Clear, premium grades have few adverse characteristics (knots, splits) etc. For bevel or clapboard siding, the highest grade available is Clear VG Heart (VG stands for vertical grain) followed by A Bevel. For all other patterns, cedar may be found in a variety of premium grades, including Clear Heart, A Grade, B fake graham chronofighter diver watches & replica watches blancpain Better Select and C & Better Select. Because of their superior quality and appearance, the clear grades are generally more expensive and less common than the knotty grades. Knotty grades have larger, more frequent knots and other characteristics. #2 Common, #3 Common, Select Knotty and Quality Knotty are recognized agency grades that are available. The grade of cedar used may influence finish selection. Clear grades accept paint, stain or water repellents easily, while stains or water repellents are recommended for coating knotty grades. Seasoning Cedar siding can be purchased as unseasoned (green), 19% maximum moisture content (S-dry), or 15% maximum moisture content (MC15). Typically, the clear grades are kiln dried to MC15 specifications, while knotty grades are normally sold as S-Dry or green. If unseasoned siding is purchased, it must be allowed to dry for 30 days prior to finishing and installation, while dry sidings should shrink less and can be finished immediately. Moisture content should be below 15% prior to application of a finish, allowing it to penetrate and dry properly. Stains or water repellents do not form films like paints and are therefore preferred when siding must be finished prior to being allowed to dry completely. Patterns Cedar siding is available in a variety of patterns with bevel or clapboard being the most common. Channel rustic, shiplap and tongue & groove rolex cellini fake watches patterns are also popular. Installation differs for each, and each has applications for which it is best suited. Bevel patterns can only be installed horizontally, but they are more forgiving when it comes to shrinkage. Channel rustic, tongue & groove and shiplap patterns can be installed either horizontally or vertically, but some require close attention to fake cartier santos 100 watches detail and seasoning. As a rule, the narrower and thicker the pattern, the better the performance. fake jaeger lecoultre master watch Textures Siding is available in smooth, rough or saw-textured surfaces. When used with clear or semi-transparent finishes, a smooth surface will show the grain patterns and color variations in the wood more than other textures. These surfaces also absorb less finish and typically require more maintenance than other textures. In contrast, rough and saw-textured surfaces can absorb about twice as much finish as smooth-textured surfaces and, when protected by stain- and water-repellent finishes, need to be recoated much less frequently. Wood siding and wood finishes go hand in hand in providing consumers with virtually unlimited choices for appearance. By properly selecting the grade, seasoning, pattern and texture of the siding and by protecting it from moisture, sun and mold with a quality finish, wood siding can last for many decades. Your www.paintdepotusa.com in Hialeah, Fl. Log replica watches best in to www.paintdepotusa.com and check our specials.