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Women have a considerably more diverse sense of fashion than men, and like to experiment with colors because a wide range of colors are available in women's apparel. Polo t-shirts provide women with that opportunity to experiment and yet not go overboard with it and make it too radical. The importance of polo in women's fashion can be measured only if we get a statistics that can count how many women's polo t-shirts are sold every year, and though I am very bad with figures and numbers, I can surely recall that the number was huge! The major brands that sell polo and are popular fake cartier tank francaise watch in this branch of women's apparel are Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. bedat co replicas The logos of these two brands are poles apart, but they both symbolize power and outdoorsy life. While Ralph Lauren has owned the classic polo player logo, Lacoste logo is that of a crocodile, based on the nickname given to the founder tennis player, Rene Lacoste. The reasons why polo t-shirts are such a favorite with women all over the world and of all ages are not just a single one. The comfort, the style, the colors and the price - they all make up for the huge popularity of polo t-shirts in the fashion world for women. Comfort comes from material, and polo shirts are made of 100% cotton fabric. The breathable mesh keeps you miles away from sweating even during long hours in summers or day-time. The collar keeps the neck comfortable from rashes and sweat, and the side-ends are slightly cut to give respite to the hips from fitted and tight tops. rettangolo replicas Comfort also means that the clothes should be comfortable for maintenance. The polo t-shirts of both Ralph Lauren and Lacoste are apt for machine wash with mild detergent. If a regular garment requires dry wash or such costly and cumbersome maintenance, it would be troublesome to wear it on a daily cartier roadster replica basis, and it would not become popular as regular clothing. Style for women means both color and cut. breguet marine watches for sale The cut of polo t-shirts is custom fit for a wide range of sizes, from 34/XS to 42/XL. And the colors are simply too many to choose just one from. Also, the material of some of their shirts is stretchable, so one size is equal to two. The color collection of Ralph Lauren includes colors like pink, red, mauve, white, black, forest green, electric blue, grey, green, purple, orange, orchid, lime yellow, classic rose, elite blue, glacier blue, heather green, grey green, lemon crush, brown heather, orange peel, oasis yellow, pale mauve, scarab green, signal yellow, turquoise, olive, wicket yellow. Other than these colors, there are innumerable designs, like tag heuer professional on sale stripes, prints, dip-dyes, diagonals, t-shirts with big logos, country flag polo t-shirts for women, match shirts for women as well. The long-sleeved shirts are elegant and a great way to show-off your figure. The single colored ones can be accessorized with thin belts that are so hot these days. The fresh colors like lime yellow are available with thin white stripes, which give them the ideal summer fresh look. And now to Lacoste and its colors. the colors of Lacoste are more bright and vibrant, even though with not as much variation in design. In Lacoste, colors that are very popular and have been for quite a few years now are autumn crocus pink, azalea pink, black, bright palm green, kerguelen blue, orca blue, pistachio nut green, red, rusty orange, sesame yellow and of course, white. As you might have noticed by now, the colors sound uncommon, and look uncommon as well. Price of polo t-shirts for women get low with lot discount sale.