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For those who use the Windows Phone and follow regular fitness routines, there are applications that can come in handy. If you want to keep track of your daily diet and exercise, or want to keep track of your workout schedules digitally, or even need an app to induce quality sleep, you can find them, mostly for free, at the online store. Let's have a look at some of the top tools to help you keep you fit. fake dubey schaldenbrand watches 1. Calorie Tracker You can use this tool to look up how much calorie you take in on a particular day. With a single click you will be connected to an online nutritional database at livestrong.com. You can set your daily weight loss goals, calculate the calorie loss based on your measurements and an in built set of exercises, and help to attain your nutrition goals. cartier pasha c for sale 2. Stopwatch This app works like an stopwatch, but it's incredibly accurate and can even calculate time elapsed up to a millisecond. You can also resume a timer that you have already started and paused. breitling chronomat online 3. 6 Week Training This Windows mobile phone app contains a program of exercises ranging fake hampden special railway watches from pushups, to squats to pullups. You can take a test in the beginning to find out which level you belong to. Then, according to your progress - which you can track by regularly filling up the logs and charts that are available - you graduate from replica rolex oyster date for sale one level to another. 4. Monthly Tracker This is a handy app to track your monthly cycle. You can use the app to predict your ovulation time, it can track moods, symptoms and daily temperature, in addition to having a number of other features. 5. MyFitnessPal This is another calorie counter that has a huge food database of over I million foods. The app was featured in NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal. 6. Sleep Bug Do you usually have trouble getting a good night's sleep? Then this tool will play ambient music for you to help you to fall asleep. There is a scene that goes with each ambient track, and you can choose the scene you want. There is also a sleep timer, in case you fall asleep while using the tool - which the manufacturers guarantee you will. They only recommend that you use headphones for the best experience. 7. Ripped This is a good Windows Phone app to fake breitling bentley flying b watch log and manage your exercise routines. It has a workout mode with a timer as well, to make sure you stick to your routine. There is also a body fat percentage calculator that comes along with the application.