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The Future of Windows 8 Earlier today, Steven Sinofsky (the president of the Windows Division at Microsoft, as we all know by now) has posted another entry on the "Building Windows 8" blog, centered on the UI of Windows 8 and how the new Metro experience could affect consumers. An important goal for Windows 8 he emphasizes... WINDOWS UPDATE IN WINDOWS 8: NO MORE HEADACHES? Posted by matthewkol in Windows 8 Yes, you did read that title right. For the very first time ever, updates in Windows may not be the legendary monsters that tear at you with claws of instantaneous reboots and bite with teeth of annoying pop-ups. Among other features, Windows 8 is gearing up to improve cheap franck muller master square the updates function. PCs running on Windows 8 will only restart when security updates are installed and require reboots. Thankfully, the aforementioned reboot should only cheap breguet classique watches take place about once a month, which won't do much to hinder your regular PC use. This regular timing will give you a sense of when you should prepare for an update release. Of course, critical updates will be illinois bunn special 60 hour replica pushed and installed automatically outside of this monthly cycle, but hey: I'd rather spend my time rebooting for a few minutes (we all know how fast Windows 8 is at that) than to be susceptible to a virus going around.
One of the best parts about the new Windows Update is that after it has downloaded and installed security replica breitling wings for sale updates, you get an entire 3 days to do whatever you need to before a restart. This 72-hour period should be more than enough to save important work, and but it also keeps your computer secure.
Last but zenith defy classic chrono aero online not least, the updated Windows Update (that was totally intentional) will cheap rettangolo for sale also offer updates for 3rd party device drivers, with a common set of setup tools for each. All of these updates are carefully screened, and must adhere to the Windows conventions for updates regarding rollback and recovery, and overall system impact. This means streamlining updates for your PC, mouse, external hard drive, and any other peripherals you may have.
WINDOWS 8: BETA SHOTS? Posted by matthewkol in Microsoft News, Uncategorized, Windows 8 Images, Windows 8 Leaks, Windows 8 Now that the Developer Preview of Windows 8 has been released and the highly anticipated BUILD Conference has passed,Windows8Center is eagerly awaiting the next step in the Windows 8 process: the beta. Finally, we have some real leaks, not the standard Microsoft-authorized "Building Windows 8" blog posts. First up, some pictures from Winunleaked that provide a glimpse into a pre-beta version of Windows 8: site:- http://www.windows-8-software.com/