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There has been much said about debt management companies in the news lately, and most of it has not made pretty reading for the DMC's. The OFT compiled a ��mystery shop' of the industry and uncovered bad practices a lange sohne fake watches being carried out almost across the board. Subsequently, 129 warnings were issued and many licenses have been revoked or rescinded since. One of the reasons that consumers approach professional debt management firms is because they expect the DMC to be the experts and to give the correct advice. One of the most common fears that people have is that of losing their house, so this article attempts to explain the situations that should be avoided in order to reduce the risks associated with the repossession of assets because of a serious debt problem. Firstly, people struggling to pay their cheap zenith defy classic open for sale credit cards and loans when the bills fall due should ensure that they do not cut back on secured loan payments in order to pay their unsecured debts. Secured debts include mortgages, secured loans, and car HP agreements. Secured loans should always be paid first because there will be a direct consequence for non-payment - repossession - whereas non-payment of unsecured debts will not lead to such severe consequences in the short term. Secondly, homeowners should ensure that if they have missed payments on unsecured debts, that they should attempt to arrange an amicable arrangement with their lenders as soon as possible. If a person simply ignores demands for payment, the creditor will have no option but to attempt to recover the money through the courts. The procedure begins with an application by the creditor for a County Court Judgment (CCJ) which if granted, and not paid, will enable the creditor to apply for a Charging Order. A charging order, if granted, will mean the debt will become secured against the house and although won't necessarily mean the owner is facing eviction, it will mean rolex date for sale that if the house is sold then the now-secured debt must be settled immediately from the proceeds. Thirdly, if a person approaches a professional debt help company, then they should think carefully about which debt solution to choose. As part of ��best advice' guidelines, debt help companies should offer all the solutions available. Many people don't fully understand the difference between DMPs and IVA and many assume they are the same thing. There is actually a big difference between debt management and IVA, in that a DMP is an informal arrangement whereby IVA is a formal arrangement in imitation tag heuer watches which a person's assets - including their home - are put at risk because failure of IVA could lead to automatic bankruptcy. Not only that but also many debt management companies fail to make it fully clear at the outset that a person will most likely need to remortgage their replica concord saratoga for sale house after universal geneve for sale year 4 on an IVA - meaning the debts are consolidated and secured against the house and will be repaid over many more years to come - long after the IVA period has finished. UKMS have stated that the advantage of using their debt management service is that they may be able to reclaim mis-sold Payment Insurance and unfair charges which could reduce the debts significantly, which may not compensate fully for money lost by clients to these failed debt management companies but could go some way towards redressing the balance.