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Edited and translated by People's Daily Online March 11 was a dark day for Afghanistan. In the early hours ofSunday morning, an unknown number of U.S. soldiers left a militarybase in Kandahar province, and gunned down 16 innocent Afghancivilians, including nine children and three women, in villagesabout one mile away from the base. The 16 villagers, who were sleeping soundly, were all shot dead intheir head, and some of their bodies were burnt after they werekilled. The number of the killers is still unknown, and whether thekillings are murders or just an accidental event remains to beinvestigated. However, no matter what, it was undoubtedly anothercrime U.S. troops committed in Afghanistan. The shooting spree hasfueled Afghans indignation against the United States to anunprecedented level. The Taliban said that rolex fake for sale its fighters will takerevenge from the invaders and the savage murderers for every singlemartyr. Afghan President Hamid Karzai fiercely condemned the murder and terror brought by U.S. forces. In an attempt to easeanger in Afghanistan, U.S. President Barack Obama called Karzai toexpress his condolences to the victims, and promised to investigate the event as quickly as possible and to hold fullyaccountable anyone responsible. The United Nations AssistanceMission in Afghanistan voiced shock and sadness at the tragicincident. In addition, the international community has alsostrongly condemned the killings. Sixteen rolex box innocent lives have been lost. It has not only added fuelto the anti-U.S. fire in Afghanistan but also made the badU.S.-Afghanistan relations even worse, which has heavily impactedthe United States' strategy on Afghanistan and Pakistan. Such wordsas craziness and slaughter have widely appeared in U.S.news reports and comments of U.S. Websites, and many people arequestioning the Afghanistan war: What is the significance of thewar? Some say that the U.S. government tells us that the Afghanpeople welcome us, but actually it is not the truth at all. Somecall on the United States to withdraw its troops from Afghanistanimmediately. Some criticize that it was a wrong strategy thatBarack Obama sent more troops to Afghanistan in 2009. The United States is actually preparing to withdraw its troops fromAfghanistan. Currently, it is discussing about the StrategicPartnership Agreement with the Hamid Karzai administration, makingpro-arrangements for the post-withdraw era. Especially, theagreement still allows the U.S. troops to be stationed inAfghanistan as advisors after the withdrawn of the U.S. combat crewof 2014. 1 2. I am an expert from ledbillboarddisplay.com, while we provides the quality product, such as Led Advertising Displays , China Led Tube Light Bulbs, Led Advertising Displays,and more.