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With the festive period well and truly behind it seems that many people are already starting to plan their summer holidays, and given the infamous climate that UK residents have to endure year in and out it's not really too surprising. Although it does seem odd making these plans when there is still snow in the north of the country. It seems that when it comes to choosing holiday destinations many people end up picking the same sort of places, and South America doesn't normally fall into this category. But this is certainly not to say that it isn't worth considering, in fact quite the opposite is true.
From the tranquil Lake Titicaca to the vibrant hustle and bustle of Buenos Aires South America has much in the way of diversity. 605 miles from the mainland the Galapagos Islands can be found too, where many evolutionary oddities inhabit the islands. The back-story to these islands is quite fascinating, the youngest of the islands is 4 million years old and the oldest is 7 million, and all of them were formed from volcanic eruptions known as mantle plumes, and as time went by the peaks were gradually eroded and lowered. Because the islands were so isolated from the mainland there were restrictions on what could live there, birds and insects could make the 605 mile crossing, some plant seeds fake rolex to buy were carried by the wind, and some lizards and iguanas floated over on vegetation.
Due to the unique wildlife and eco systems of the islands they have been the subjects of many scientific explorations, the most famous of which is Charles Darwin's, who, after a number of visits to the island formed the theory of evolution. The Galapagos Islands were the perfect experiment to prove that what Darwin had theorised was correct, they gave a great insight into how species could adapt depending on their environment.
The islands are home to a diverse range of creatures, one of the most famous residents is the giant tortoise, which can weigh a staggering 225kg and measure a total of 6 feet from head to tail. Some of these giant tortoises can also live for up to 150 years. Because the inhabitants of the island have been so isolated from the rest of the world they are yet to learn fear of man meaning they are easily photographed, and as you might expect there is some amazing scenery accompanying the wildlife. There are few places in the world that equal the scenery and unique wildlife found on the Galapagos rolex replica submariner watches Islands and Madagascar is one of them.
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