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Copyright (c) 2013 Mariam Thomas The technology behind VoIP is that the audio signals of a telephonic conversation are converted into rolex replica eta digital data that are transported via Internet networks. VoIP is fast replacing the traditional phone systems in which phone lines linked to PTSN are used for delivering calls. Many businesses have already switched to the VoIP phone system because they derive a number of advantages from it. Let us look into some of its benefits. - The best benefit you will get if you switch to VoIP is its cost advantage. You do not incur any expenditure for having it installed or for maintaining the system. In fact, you do not require any specialized hardware for having the system. What you need is a personal computer or a laptop and a reliable Internet connection. You may not incur per-call costs as in the traditional systems. There are no long-distance charges also. - Unlike the traditional system, VoIP transmits only the data. For example, when you speak over your VoIP phone, your words will alone be transmitted and not the pauses you give in between. Further, just with one broadband connection, any number of calls can simultaneously be made. Data can also be sent through the system. Because of these features, the productivity of your company will go up for which you may not incur any additional expenditure. - Even some of the features that are available for a cost in the traditional systems are available free of cost in VoIP. Examples of these features are electronic messaging, video conferencing, call forwarding and so on. - Since there is no involvement of any hardware in VoIP, trouble-shooting is quite easy. In the traditional system, you have to seek the services of the technicians of the providers. Likewise, if you want to effect any changes, they can be made very quickly in your VoIP system. Because of its extreme flexibility, companies can customize the system suitably to fulfill their needs. - One of the greatest advantages of VoIP is the workforce mobility. Employees can be in touch with the office wherever they are. Even if you or your employees go abroad, what you need is a single device and access to the Internet for communicating with the office. You can even access emails and the data of the company from anywhere. - All types of communication media like voice calls, emails, fax and so on can be integrated with VoIP. Such an unified replica rolex daytona communication bestows immense benefits to any company that wishes to grow fast. Companies can even integrate VoIP with their CRM software so that when there are calls from customers, their data will readily be available. So, you and your employees can have meaningful and informed discussions with those customers. When customers get appropriate and intelligent solutions for their requirements, they are certain to be impressed with the services they get. This will increase the reputation of your company thus paving way for expansion of your client base. Mariam Thomas writed articles about VoIP phone system and suggests VoIP based telephone system san francisco service provider.