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Why organic dog food is best
Organic food is becoming popular day by day because has set standards of purity and quality. Same as like human food trade, organic dog food is also getting good responses from pet owners. But basically what is organic food? According to USDA National Organic Program, "minimum 95 percent of the ingredients must be organically grown or cultivated without the addition of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are called as Organic food".This article tell us about the importance of dog food and vital role played buy the Organic dog food for the better health and growth of the Dog.
Why dog organic food needed?
Basically why we need organic food? What is the problem with conventional food? Conventional food is grown with the help of lot of fertilizers to get maximum yield. These lots of fertilizers are toxic to us if we eat them as it is plus soil fertility decreases day by day.
Conventional foods are also added with synthetic ingredients. Such as vitamin and mineral added to dog food. So such types of extra additions are not always good for dog health. Preservatives and other chemicals added for different purposes and they might have side effects on dog health.
Advantages of organic food :Organic foods are grown under special standards and with special efforts. Fertilizer and pesticide use is completely avoided and they are grown in a completely organic environment. So no added chemical means no any health risks and no side effects. cheap fake rolex Healthy weight :As we feed organic food with no any extra additions, healthy weight will be maintained.Dog or pet will get required nutrition and nothing else.
Better Immunity :Organic foods are rich sources of nutrition. This will help to improve the immunity system.
Improved digestion :Organic food has no any preservatives and lot of proteins and other nutrients so digestion is much better.
Skin allergy reduction :As these have no any chemicals and preservatives, any chance of allergic reaction is not there.
But the drawback of organic dog food is they are too much costlier than conventional food.As they need special attention and special standards,the cost of production increases Everybody cannot afford it always.
What pet owners can do?
Organic food is definitely worth for your pets but choice is yours because everybody may not able to buy this costly food. You can try some homemade recipes for your lovely pet.
Because of doing home cooking for your pet you can save good amount of money and your pet will get right amount of nutrition.
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