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Abstract: In the conference of the ipad2, "Our competitors will be completely dumbfounded" Steve jobs said gleefully. The fact that it is true. Apple company beated numerous competitors but also started to provoke the upstream components manufacturers. What on earth ipad is? Is it impeccable? The birth of ipad seemed to offer a new opportunity for tablet computer market, It can also bring a little excited for the traditional PC manufacturers. When they were sniffing blood, apple has prevented them on the outside from getting in. On the one hand,Ipad has occupied more than jaeger lecoultre master watches for sale 80% the global tablet computer market share. Many other competitors have shared only a piece of cake, many manufacturers' flat product projects even had to miscarry. On the other hand, for ipad was very popular in the electronic market, many manufacturers were obviously feeling the invisible pressure fake iwc mark xv from iPad, include E-books, Netbooks. What is more interesting is that apple forced suppliers to reduce the price recently. They don't know when they will able to provoke the upstream components manufacturers. IPad's three big customer's interests The same are processor, memory, and the power, and the screen joined together, but when it is labeled the apple logo and installed cisco iOS applications, it can burst amazing power. For ordinary users, where is the ipad unique value? First of all, iPad provides a good user experience. It inherits the good user experience of tag heuer watch replicas cisco iOS, and as a cell phone, it can run at all times. For its screen is bigger than girard perregaux sea hawk on sale iphones', so it has the ability to provide better entertainment experience. App Store also provides powerful content to support ipad, so all the people are crazy about ipad now. Ride on the metro or take a bus around the city's streets and you will see consumers gazing at their ipad with rapt attention earplugs firmly in place. Secondly, it has excellent portability. Each ipad weighs 600 grams or so. For consumers, as long as they have a carry-on bag that can hold ipad. However, the biggest characteristic portability of iPad is the design of flat type. Let user experience more freedom and comfortable, so at the time of purchase, consumers are willing to choose iPad. Third, the iPad has a 10 hours of battery's sustain ability. Excellent equipment and rich application if it has no long life as a guarantee, it can never become a good portable devices. The three unique features decide the user to choose the iPad. Plug in the wings of the Wi-Fi , so that users can do whatever they want to do the things on the ipad : to browse the web, online video, music, chat, micro bo, email, etc. Wisdom of the apple: The iPad is not a computer "The iPad is not a computer" Jobs reiterated that this view in the conference of the iPad2, he also stressed that if the competitors are using the same method to treat flat computer market, they will fail. Compared with other competitors, apple company is the industry leader. It has a great future. However, as a crazy apple fans, I have to say that apple products also have some shortcomings, for an example, ipad,the obviously weakness of the ipad is can not to support many common video formats, like how to convert divx to ipad, such buy panerai problems are often to bother us. If apple can help us to solve the most pressing problem, let us not worry about this problem. Although this problem can not be solved right away, we hope zenith defy classic open replicas that apple can take measures to improve its function in the future. By the way, if you are an apple fan and upset by the problem of video converting, you can check below web site. Related: how to convert vcd to ipad