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There are many distinctions when it comes to house paints and they can be classified in several different ways. Paints are generally classified as latex paints which are water based paints and alkyd or oil based paints. Oil based paints are called so because they have an alkyd or linseed base. Apart from the synthetic oil base, these paints are known for their harder and glossier look ideal for windows, doors and any type of woodwork. These paints which need thinners or mineral spirits take a longer time to dry up which is why the use of drying additives is frequently seen to accelerate the process. Water based paints on the other hand, also referred to as acrylic paints, dry much faster and have a binder ingredient. They are less durable and hence easily cleaned up, which makes them a good choice. However, they don't replicas tag heuer have the glossier look of oil based paints. While water based paints are referred as latex paints, there wouldn't be any natural latex in the paint. Oil paints are mostly referred as enamels specifically because of the hardness presented and the glossy finish. An important feature of the acrylic paints is that there is no yellowing which enhances their durability to certain extent. One would also come across the terms interior and exterior paints. The greater durability of oil based paints makes them an ideal choice for the exteriors while the easy cleanup and drying ability of the water based paints makes them a good choice for the interiors. Another type of house paint is what is commonly referred as specialty paint because of the additional properties blended into it through various additives. The additives include anti-mildew, anti-mold and anti-condensation. Some paints are even considered fire retardant and hence are used mostly in kitchens. There are heat resistant paints as well, which can withstand high temperatures even though they may not exactly be flame retardant. Fire resistant paints are also applied around fireplaces in living rooms. Anti mildew paints are commonly seen in balconies or bathrooms where greater dampness in the walls can be expected. Specialty paints also include anti-graffiti and anti-climb paints. The former make it easy to remove graffiti by using a technique called pressure washing. The latter consists of a coating that is very slippery and hence prevents climbing. You would also come across color changing paints which comprise of thermo chromic components or liquid crystals that can change color when exposed to heat or UV rays. The reflective properties of the colors also change in the presence of electromagnetic fields giving them a different patek philippe nautilus replicas hue. Another interesting variety is the primer which isn't really paint, rather a primary coating over which the main paint roger dubuis too much replica is applied. Primers add to the durability of the fake gerald genta octo bi retro for sale coating and can be water based or oil based, depending upon which kind of painting will follow corum gold piece fake watches the primary coating. Some of the other varieties of painting seen in houses include wood stain, which is very thin, glaze which enhances translucency and emulsion. Learn house painting strategies and how to keep your house well
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