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The article describes the various rituals involved in a typical Christian wedding ceremony. It just mentions about the various wedding ceremonies in other religions and cultures. A wedding is a momentous event in the life of each and an occasion when two people vow to spend their lives together. It is a union of not only the buy piaget dancer couple but the two families. Every couple wants their wedding ceremony a memorable moment and a lot of complicated gerald genta retro solo for sale efforts to make arrangements to take. Wedding Rituals A wedding is a special event where the zeno basel pilot oversized gmt replica bride and groom to participate in traditional rituals in honor of their relationship. The wedding ceremonies vary according to religion, culture, countries and ethnic origins, rolex watch copies but the essence remains the same. Couples have marriage vows with the blessing of the priest or religious head, and family and friends. A traditional Christian ceremony takes place in a church where a group of close friends and family come together to bless the couple. The ceremony begins with a bridal procession, in which first the groom and the minister in the hall, followed by the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids are escorted by groomsmen followed by the Maid of Honour. Maid of cheap chronoswiss kairos for sale Honor is also accompanied by the Best Man. The last to enter the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl. Then comes the most awaited moment when the bride enters with her father. All guests must rise up as a sign of respect for her. After the traditional wedding songs, hymns and assurances, the minister speaks the couple as husband and wife. Couples also exchange wedding rings during the ceremony. This wedding ceremony is followed by a wedding reception, which consists of the wedding cake and champagne. Besides the Christian ceremonies, the Hindus and Muslims ceremonies consist of elaborate rituals. Among the Hindus, the couple must take seven omega constellation for sale vows wedding around a fire, which is considered sacred. Also, the node executed after the couple exchanges garlands and seek blessings from the older members of the family. In Islamic tradition, the ceremony takes place according to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. The bride and groom are asked if they accept each other as husband and wife and with the consent of both parties, the wedding is completed. Searching for cheap wedding tips? Please visit rainbow weddings!