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For most Americans, the next due date for filing federal tax forms is April 17, 2012. However, all members of the US military serving outside the US and Puerto Rico automatically get another eight weeks without filing an extension. The due date for overseas military is June 15, 2012. Could you use more than another eight weeks? The IRS offers generous tax return extensions to service members and their spouses. It's simply a case of filling out the right federal tax forms. This guide will explore extension options for members of the US military. Special Tax Extensions for Service Members Civilians and military members fall into different tax categories. Civilians are granted six month extensions on filing so they can get illinois sangamo on sale more time to prepare their paperwork, but their taxes are still due in April, with late fees start accruing after that. In contrast, certain military personnel are eligible for longer extensions on filing their paperwork, paying their taxes, claiming refunds, etc. Here's a list of tax actions with extended military deadlines: �� Filing a return on any income, employment, estate, excise or gift tax. �� Paying tax on any income, employment, estate, employment, or gift funds. �� Filing a petition with the Tax Court to review a case. �� Filing a claim for a tax refund. �� Bringing suit for a refund claim. �� Making an IRA contribution Additionally, the IRS is restricted from taking action against military personnel during the extension period. They cannot give notices or demands for the cheap replica rolex watches payment of any taxes and they can't bring suit against a military member or their spouse for any tax due. The Automatic 8-Week Extension Civilians need to apply for tax filing extensions, but different standards apply to people affiliated with the military. Your deadline will be automatically extended by two months if any of the following is true: �� You serve with the Armed Forces audemars piguet royal oak replica in a combat zone or another qualifying area. �� You serve in the Armed Forces and are deployed outside of the US and away from your permanent station while taking part in a contingency operation, i.e. you are on active duty during a war or national emergency. �� You are missing in action or a prisoner of war. �� You serve as support to the Armed Forces in a combat zone or during a contingency operation. This item applies to Red Cross workers and others working under the direction of the military. �� You are the spouse of a person who fits one of the above criteria and you are not hospitalized in the US for injuries suffered in a combat zone or during a contingency operation. If you take advantage of the breguet marine replica automatic two-month extension, you must attach an explanatory letter to your tax return, stating which situation qualifies you for the extension. To get another four months extension for a total of six, submit IRS Form 4868. If the request is granted, your tax papers will then be due in mid-October. Additional Military Tax Extensions The deadline for filing your return, filing a refund claim or paying your tax bill is extended for at least 180 days after: �� The final day you serve/support in a combat zone, or �� The final day you are continuously hospitalized for injury from service in a combat zone. If both of these situations apply, then choose the date that's in your favor. Additionally, your deadline for taking IRS-related actions may be extended by the number of days you had to file when you entered a combat zone. For example, if you entered combat in mid-February, then you were unavailable to file a return during the two months before mid-April. These two months will be added to your 180 days. Deferring IRS Payments - Special Options for Service Members You may be eligible for a special tax payment deferral as a military member. To qualify, you must be actively performing military service and must state in a written request that military service has affected your ability to pay income taxes. Your letter should include replica rolex swiss the following information: �� Name and rank. �� Social security number. �� Current monthly income. �� Source of income before military service. �� Date you entered military service. �� Date you are eligible for discharge. If possible, also include a copy of your orders. You could be granted up to 180 days after your release from service to make an income tax payment before interest is charged. Whether or not your request is granted, you'll receive written notice from the IRS. Free Tax Advice on Base Most military bases offer free tax help to members of the Armed Forces and their families through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). VITA volunteers are trained by the IRS and understand military-specific tax issues. Conclusion The IRS understands that military service brings special hardships. Many members of the Armed Forces are automatically granted 8-week tax filing extensions and can also apply breguet marine on sale for longer extensions and payment deferrals. If you need any help with navigating your federal tax forms, you can always consult a free tax specialist on base. There are also a number of online tax software programs available to make your life easier. About the Author: Bob Goren is an accountant and US federal tax forms advisor.