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With the widespread use of central air conditioning, air-conditioning cooling water quality is good or bad replica zenith chronomaster t open more and more attention has been paid, the condenser cooling water directly affects the performance of the internal heat transfer, evaporation temperature and other conditions in certain circumstances, the condensation temperature, the low, the greater the cooling coefficient, the less power consumption, the unit run more economic. According to the data estimates, the condensing temperature decreasing by 1 ?, the cooling capacity of unit power consumption reduction of about 3% -4%. Therefore, to ensure the cooling water circulating in a certain range, refrigeration unit cooling efficiency to prevent attenuation of the main measures. I. the cooling water cycle water quality analysis Air conditioning cooling water system is divided into two kinds of open and closed circulatory system, while the open-cycle cooling water system to good effect, low cost and widely used in engineering. However, in open systems in actual operation, cooling water through the evaporative cooling gradually concentrated, water Ca2 +, algae, suspended solids gradually increased, the wind and insolation, air, dust, debris, water soluble gas pollution that is generated major changes, resulting in system scaling, corrosion and microbial growth and large population, the system resistance increases, the heat exchange rate lower, equipment corrosion and shortened life expectancy, it should pay attention to the cooling water cycle water treatment. Two. Circulating cooling water quality indicators Air conditioning cooling water in the cycle can be summarized to produce suspended solids, fouling, corrosion and algae produce several aspects, to make the refrigeration unit in a certain cooling water under normal operating conditions, need water to remove suspended solids, control sludge, scale and corrosion of microbial growth. Three. Large cooling water treatment system Cooling water treatment methods of water treatment system can be divided into chemical and physical methods, the current situation, large cooling water system to use more chemical methods, which includes water treatment systems, dosing systems, cleaning systems and backwash system. sell panerai watches Add water by ion-exchange system to remove hardness and salts added to the water cycle with detergents, corrosion inhibitors and biocide, and regularly cleaning the system and backwash, the formation of a full replica cartier watches range of water treatment technology. This method works well, extend equipment buy glashutte original pano matic date life, high efficiency, energy conservation, domestic and foreign companies are concerned about the large-scale air-conditioning cooling water treatment system was gradually adopted a more promising future. Inhibitors are commonly used in cleaning zinc sulfate, polyacrylic acid, maleic acid polymer, copolymer, etc. patek philippe gondolo online These items can be quickly dissolved in the water play equipment and systems for cleaning corrosion inhibition, but their application features, suitable temperature, the concentration of dosing, PH value in water control and the resultant greater differences should therefore be based on local water conditions and operation of a reasonable choice. There are a variety of fungicides, such as sodium hypochlorite, chlorine, ozone, clean and off and so on. But the most commonly used is bactericidal effect, with detergents, corrosion inhibitors used in conjunction with inexpensive chlorine, chlorine to ensure the best killing effect, should be noted: (1) For open cooling water system, cooling tower chlorination Walter pipeline should be 200mm below the surface pool the following, non-chlorinated water in the back. zenith defy classic chrono aero online (2) should be used for large continuous chlorination system means the system should be used for small and medium batch chlorination method, chlorination time interval 2 ~ 3h. (3) chlorination, the PH value of recycled water should be 7 to 8; should avoid adding both copper corrosion inhibitor; sludge in the cooling tower basin to be immediately removed. Four magnetic water treatment Electronic water with a simple installation, Anti-fouling significantly, biocide, does not pollute the environment, the characteristics of low operating costs, which are widely used in small air-conditioning cooling water system, the choice should pay attention to: (1) The total hardness of water should be <700mg / l (as CaCO3) and apply produce carbonic acid, salt, dirt like water quality, water is the main component of silicate scale should not use. (2) electronic water must be mounted vertically, the next inlet, outlet on its high-frequency generator is mounted at distances greater than 20kW electrical equipment, if the issues can not meet the limited space distance should be set shield and a good grounding. (3) the use of the process requiring regular sewage, electrode cleaning 2-4 times a year, with five years must be re-spray the surface protective film can be used; electronic water feature should be no additional anti-corrosion preservative.