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About ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is classified as a neurobehaviorial developmental disorder that is characterized by attention problems accompanied by hyperactivity. Symptoms of ADHD are visible early, even as early as before seven years of age. ADHD is a common psychiatric disorder and is usually identified through behavioral patterns like impulsive, disruptive, antisocial or oppositional and defiant conduct and behavior. As grave as the illness sounds, it is possible to treat and control ADHD with medications like Strattera. About Generic Strattera (Atomoxetin HCl): Strattera is a common gerald genta replica medication prescribed to treat ADHD in children 6 years and older, as well as in teens and adults. As a medication, Strattera is targeted at the chemicals present in the brain that affect impulses. Strattera effectively tries to achieve impulse control and hyperactivity management. Strattera may also be prescribed for uses other than the most obvious one and your health care professional should be able to tell you about them. Important Information Regarding Strattera: Before taking Strattera, it is important to take note of the following information. --Open or broken capsules should be discarded and not ingested. If the medicine from inside the capsule gets in your eyes, thorough rinsing is recommended. --Inform your doctor of other parallel conditions before starting a course of Strattera. Heart defects and disorders, blood pressure problems, liver disease, mental illnesses such as psychotic disorder and bipolar illness, urination problems, etc. are some of them. --Watch for unusual mood or behavioral symptoms after taking Strattera. Depression, suicidal thoughts and unusual behavior are possible after a dose of Strattera. --Strattera should breitling galactic 41 replica watches not be taken when one expects to be concentrating or driving after a dose. Strattera affects reactions and impairs thinking. --Take Strattera exactly as prescribed and in the exact amounts prescribed. Not following the doctor's directions can be extremely harmful. --Strattera should be taken with a full glass of water. --Strattera should be taken regularly as prescribed. It is important to get the prescription filled before the medicine runs out as missed doses can slow progress. --Store Strattera away from temperature extremes and cartier pasha seatimer replica watches away from moisture. replica breguet reine de naples for sale --A doctor should be consulted for advice on missed doses. Do not make up for lost doses without such a consultation. --An overdose of Strattera can be lethal and should be taken extremely seriously. If overdose symptoms like blurred vision, agitation, hyperactivity and heartbeat variations are noticed, rush the patient immediately to a hospital. There are certain side effects associated with Strattera. It is extremely important to discuss them with your health care professional before taking Strattera. Though it is not an exhaustive list, the following are some of the serious as well as not so serious side effects of Strattera. --Chest pain --Shortness of breath --Uneven heartbeats --Unusual behavior or aggression --Hallucinations --Urination problems --Irritability --Dizziness and drowsiness --Impotence, menstrual cramps and loss of sexual interest. As with most medications, Strattera displays certain drug interaction problems with certain other drugs. Some of these are Zantac, Reglan, elgin veritas fake watches Proventil, etc. Such interactions should be discussed in detail with your health care professional. Generic Strattera fake ulysse nardin sonata Warnings and Precautions: While the warnings and precautions given below are not complete, they are enough to get an idea about Strattera. For more detailed information, consult your doctor or pharmacist. --Absolutely do not use Strattera if you have used any MAO inhibitors in the 14 days prior to taking Strattera. Doing this can be life-threatening. --Certain ADHD medications have been known to cause deaths in children, especially if they have other simultaneous health problems. Discuss this in detail with your health care professional. --Strattera may increase suicidal thoughts and hence patients should be provided with vigilant supervision while on a Strattera course. --Consult your doctor regarding the suitability of Strattera during pregnancy or possible conception. Strattera's effect on breastfeeding mothers is unknown. --Long term use of Strattera is not recommended as it may slow growth, especially in children.